Now live: Faster returns

That’s right, starting today, you can now process returns faster! The next time you print a receipt, take a look at the very bottom: we’ve added a scannable barcode with the ticket number.


From now on, when you process a return in the store, simply navigate to the POS left menu, click the Find Ticket button and scan this barcode. It will quickly pull up the original ticket so that you can effortlessly start a return.

And speaking of returns, we’ve added a returns widget to the dashboard based on our customers’ valuable feedback.  Continue reading to learn about new features from this Springboard Retail product update release, trust me, it’s worth it!

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 8.57.50 AM

Item images in reporting

Our customers asked and we delivered! We’ve added a new “Item » Primary Image” group to reporting, which allows you to view a thumbnail of an item’s primary image when running reports.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 9.21.32 AM

If you hover over the image thumbnail with your mouse (or simply tap the thumbnail if you’re on an iPad), you’ll see a full size preview of the image.

Wait, there’s more!

A few more highlights from this release:

  • Custom Payment Types: If you’ve set up custom fields on your custom payment types, these fields are now reportable. You’ll notice that each payment type custom field now appears in the “Groups” dropdown in reporting.
  • Shipping Amounts: We’ve added an “Amount” field to the shipping method page. If you navigate to Settings > Shipping and click into one of your shipping methods, you’ll notice you can set an amount which will automatically populate on sales orders.
  • Count Batch Sorting: On the inventory count batch page, we’ve made Item # and Item Description field sortable to make it easier for you to find items in a batch when you’re performing a count.
  • Plus, many more minor fixes and enhancements!

As always, if you have any questions or comments about this update, you can send those to We very much appreciate all of your feedback!

If you’re not a Springboard Retail user you can check out a free 30-minute webinar or free trial here.  We are always happy to help with any questions you may have.


New Release: A new design for PDF exports.

A new design for PDF exports.

Our latest release includes a new design for PDF exports. We have completely redesigned our Purchase Order, Purchasing Return and Transfer Shipment PDFs. We’ve also added a brand new PDF export on the Purchasing Receipt page. Here’s a sneak preview at the new look on a PO:

Our redesign focused on making PDF exports cleaner and easier to read. Additionally, these PDFs will now include your company logo and any custom fields you have included. Also, the Purchase Order PDF will automatically include your company billing address, which is a new address that can be set on the Settings > Company page.

Wait, there’s more!

A few more new highlights from this release:

  • Sales Order updates: We’ve updated the Sales Order list view so that it’s easier to see what’s going on with your sales orders at a glance. Also, it’s now possible to cancel a sales order as long as no invoices have been completed against it. If a sales order has one or more invoices completed against it, it can be closed. The “Closed” status now indicates that all or part of the order was invoiced and the “Canceled” status indicates that no part of the order was invoiced.
  • Partial Count updates: As of today, when you create a partial count, we now prevent you from starting the count without setting a filter. Also, when you’re in the process of conducting a partial count, we will not let you add items to the count unless they match the filter you previously specified.
  • Plus, many more minor fixes and enhancements!

As always, if you have any questions or comments about this update, you can send those to We very much appreciate all of your great feedback!

in the pink increases revenue 11% with Social Value metrics


inthepinknewsletterThis case study illustrates how in the pink, the nation’s largest chain of Lilly Pulitzer® Signature Stores, capitalized on a first-of-its-kind Social Value integration between in the pink, Springboard Retail, and Ninja Metrics. Springboard Retail’s robust mobile POS system provided the data and Katana, Ninja Metrics’ market-leading predictive analytics tool, laid the foundation for an in-depth analysis of in the pink’s Social Value insights. This easy-to-use technology and visibility enabled in the pink to deliver a 11% lift in revenue, 16% increase in new customers, and 17% gain in items per transaction during the Columbus Day sales event.

Using Social Value, best-practice segmentation, targeted messaging, and a community-focused approach, Ninja Metrics and in the pink generated an increase in revenue and new customers during the week long Columbus Day sales event.


in the pink is a leading brand and store presence for a high-end women’s fashion designer, Lilly Pulitzer. in the pink features 10 brick-and-mortar storefronts in Massachusetts. The stores have organically created a community and party-like atmosphere driving millions of dollars in revenue each year.

in the pink uses Springboard Retail’s intuitive mobile Point of Sale system.

“We have a loyal and vibrant community surrounding both in the pink and Lilly Pulitzer.” states Gordon Russell, CEO of in the pink. “We are driven to find best practice approaches for social engagement within our stores. Ninja Metrics’ Social Value approach gives us an unfair advantage in that we truly know who our vital customers are. We now know, to the penny, which customers drive sales, and we don’t have to use any voodoo or guesswork from social media.”

in the pink was using email marketing campaigns successfully, but engagement had declined in recent months and compared to the previous year. The company was motivated to revitalize their social engagement strategy in order to increase traffic and drive engagement with their key customers.

The challenge was to use Katana to identify those key customers and then engage through them to reach a broader audience. Tight time frames put a strong focus on a quick and easy onboarding process with immediately actionable results.

Step 1

Defining Social Value with in the pink

The ingredients for success were simple and at hand. Springboard Retail’s POS system allowed easy access to POS data which was directly input into Katana. Gordon’s team was already tracking shopping patterns and successfully producing strong seasonal campaigns to keep engagement high and product lines fresh.

Gordon and his team were committed to raising the in store
engagement and having a successful end of season sale.

Step 2

Segmenting Based on Social Value

in the pink and Springboard Retail didn’t just want a slew of data the team would have to wade through and analyze. They needed simple, actionable findings, and clear customer behavior patterns.

By connecting Springboard Retail’s POS data to Katana, the in the pink team was able to quickly see sorted lists of all of their customers, broken down by influence amounts in dollars. Who were the big spenders? More importantly, who were the Social Whales driving a lot of the spending?

The next step was leveraging those customers with a smart campaign. Like many retailers, in the pink’s goals were to:
1. Increase traffic
2. Maximize revenue
3. Avoid spending hours comparing data

Ninja Metrics had to be able to present data in a way that was clear and easy to apply before the Columbus Day sales event – two weeks away.


in the pink launched a targeted email campaign and in-store event
for the Columbus Day sales event. The messaging was connected to
social ties between the shoppers rather than traditional discounts.
The reasoning was that customers are of course driven by good
products and good deals, but they are often driven more by a sense of belonging, status and membership in a friendship or group of friends. As a result, tapping those social forces generated a very large impact in store and buying, as shoppers used the store and the Lily Pulitzer brand to reinforce their connection to each other. What was the bottom line for this socially driven campaign?

Retail POS Data

Gordon Russell explained the lessons learned from using Katana:
“Obviously, we were thrilled to have such a big jump in revenue. At the end of the day, that’s what we’re all trying to achieve. But what we found so compelling was the way this came together. We had always pushed the importance of community and social connections in our in-store experience, but we’d never had a way to measure and act on it. This was a real validation of our thinking, made possible by this very simple tool.”

Run Your Business From Your POS System

Built by retailers, for retailers, Springboard Retail’s mobile POS and retail management solution easily integrates with the latest retail technology to help you run your business better end-to-end—all from the same software, and accessible on any device and increase sales up to 40%.

Here are some key add-ons to your point of sale system that seamlessly integrate with Springboard Retail to help you sell more and drive profit margins:


nuorder-logo-horizontalOrders placed in NuORDER are immediately visible in Springboard Retail’s inventory management platform, making data reportable and orders available for receiving instantly.

JOOR_logoJOOR is the leading online global fashion marketplace for wholesale buying. Springboard Retail works with JOOR to help fashion retailers drive incremental revenue, cut costs, improve their customer experience and analyze performance through data analytics.


intuit_quickbooksIntuit Inc. creates business and financial management solutions that simplify the business of life for small businesses, consumers and accounting professionals. Springboard Retail currently supports a direct, real-time integration to QuickBooks Online®.


shopify-full-logoOur Shopify integration provides Springboard Retail customers with the ability to automatically sync and manage inventory in both brick and mortar and eCommerce stores, increasing revenue and strategic buying initiatives.

magento-logoMore than 240,000 merchants worldwide put their trust in Magento. Magento’s eCommerce integration with Springboard Retail gives you the tools you need to attract more prospects, sell more products, and make more money.

Email Automation

d30407dc-502e-4bf2-92cc-a32e2edc2c2eMore than 9 million people and businesses around the world use MailChimp. Our integration allows you to easily import customer data to quickly send marketing emails, automated messages, and targeted campaigns with detailed reporting.

To learn more about how Springboard Retail can help your run your business right from your point of sale system, take a free tour today.

5 Must-haves in a Multi-store POS System

POS systems are not “one size fits all.” When choosing your POS system it’s important to look for what’s best for your business. Multi-store retailers for example, want a retail management system that is so much more than point of sale. Here’s what to look for in a POS and retail management software for multi-store retailers.

Visibility across all stores

Look for a POS software that gives you better control over sales and profitability by placing actionable real-time data in the hands of every person who needs it, from the C-suite to the store floor. Data should be accessible from any device, on any platform, so that you can manage all of your stores on the go. You want to be able to check the day’s sales at the airport or look for a sweater in a size 8, across all stores, while the customer tries on the 6 in the fitting room, and you shouldn’t settle for anything less.

Helps you expand quickly and easily

You’ve worked hard to grow your business, so you want a POS and retail management software that helps you expand quickly, not slow you down. Look for POS software that eliminates your growing pains—present and future—by being accessible on iPad, Mac or PC and allowing for the creation of a master template account making new store deployments quick and easy.

Alex Nielsen of Porter’s Craft & Frame suggests Springboard Retail. “Multi-location was not an afterthought in the Springboard Retail system,” he says. “Adding a location or station is a matter of 60 seconds.”

Automatic updates

Often sales associates get into a “groove” when ringing out customers, so a POS system with frequent upgrades and versions can be frustrating for sales reps and slow down the cash-out process—not to mention the time and effort it takes to communicate these upgrades across all stores and channels. A cloud POS solution can solve this problem with real-time updates that rarely affect the interface. A system that uses in-app messaging to share feature updates is also helpful, so your employees are notified of new features automatically.

Brand consistency

Your brand and management plan are the basis of your business, and as you expand it can be hard to keep these aspects consistent across all channels. You need a POS software that makes branding easy to implement across all stores with a custom template.

Truly built for multi-store

The fact is, some POS systems are great for pop-ups and some are better for multi-stores. Look for a POS and retail management system that was designed with multi-store retailers in mind, like Springboard Retail which built by multi-store retailers who truly understand your needs.

“There are systems that are designed for restaurants and available for apparel, but when you are choosing a POS system you want something specifically designed for your industry,” says Ciara Stockeland of MODE franchise. “I love the fact that Springboard Retail was built for retailers, by retailers.”

You want to be able to sell a sweater in Poughkeepsie just as easily as the one in your hand—and have that sale credited to the store that actually sold the item (not the store that shipped it) so you can plan your buying the right way the next time around. With Springboard Retail that is possible—you don’t have to settle for anything less.

5 Benefits of Tablet POS

Point of sale in the cloud has revolutionized how organizations use data. But if you’re not using taking advantage of the mobility cloud POS provides, you’re missing out on huge potential.takeatour_products copy

When it comes to mobility in point of sale, tablet POS is an ideal choice. When you use Springboard Retail on a tablet, you’ll have plenty of ways to immediately improve customer experience at your fingertips:

Look at a customer’s history

The more you know about a customer, the easier a sale is. With Springboard Retail’s CRM, you can walk the store with a customer while quickly pulling up their purchasing history—price points, product type, items per purchase, even colors. If you know what they like, your recommendations will be far more effective. And better, faster recommendations mean happier customers.

Get visibility into inventory

You have better data with cloud POS, and mobility truly lets you use it. At a big box chain, when a customer asks if an item is in stock, they’re lucky if they even get an answer like “it says we have one somewhere—but who knows.”

With mobile POS, you can look up accurate and precise inventory levels and walk with customers to their requests, staying with them through the sale process. Or if you’re having a special event or a sale, you can monitor progress to find out which items are going fast and which need a push.

Keep the sale going

Sometimes you won’t have the item a customer wants—it happens. If you don’t have mobile POS, you have to walk away, call another store, wait for that store to check, ask the customer if they’re interested, and then ask the store to put it on hold. With tablet POS, you can request it in an instant. If you waste a customer’s time, they’ll lose their enthusiasm—it’s simply not worth the risk.

Customize your tablet POS

There are millions of very different stores in the retail industry, and Springboard Retail knows that. There are certain features that are crucial for one retailer that another has no need for—that’s why Springboard allows to you to simply and easy customize your POS and retail management needs. If you need something unique at your fingertips as you walk through the store, we’ve got you.

Move your point of sale

By having a point of sale in your hands in the form of a mobile, lightweight tablet, you can walk with a customer and then instantly transform into their lightning-fast point of sale. Not only that, once you get rid of the register, you reclaim valuable square footage that you can use to display more products. It’s not just your POS that will be mobile—it’s you, too.

To learn more about how Springboard Retail could work for your business, take a free tour today.